Miami Beach Senior High School
Cary L. Diaz, Ed.S.
Foreign Language Department:
A former alumna of Beach High, Class of 1987,  I have taught English, Spanish and ESOL for over 23 years.  I am a natural communicator and lifelong learner who firmly believes that all students should learn at least one foreign language.  Language learning opens many opportunities, especially in today's pluralistic society. 

As a result,
the courses I teach are aligned with an integrated curriculum as set by Florida's Next Generation Standards, the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and reflected in the Common Core.   A key component of the Common Core is to gear learning to meet the needs of today's student body. 
My goal is for students to learn more than grammatical exercises; I want them to be worldly citizens of the 21st century.
Below you will find my teaching schedule and contact information: 
Spanish 3 Honors    per 1

Spanish 4 Honors   per 2

Spanish 4 Honors    per 3

Spanish 2     per 4

Spanish 2    per 5

Spanish 3 Honors     per 6

Spanish 3 Honors     per 7 

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 4 Honors  per 8

If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so.  The easiest method to reach me is via email. 

 Contact information:

Classroom:  177 (Second Floor Administration Building)

P: 305.532.4515 ext. 2177

F: 305.531.9209

Last Modified on September 6, 2016