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American History


History is my passion

Battle of York Town

    Reading, knowledge, and understanding make for a fulfilled life. In Mr.Nelson's class we read until we gain both knowledge, and understanding.

American History
2 American History Honors
3 Planning
4 American history
5 AP Art History
6 American History
7 American History


AP Art History


Period 1 Coach Robbi
Period 7 Ms.Pines
Period 8 Giselle Roberts

Mr. Nelson's Graduation background
  • Graduated from Miami Beach Senior High in 1971
  • Proud graduate of the University of Florida Class of 1977
  • My father graduated Miami Beach Senior High in 1944
  • Mr. Nelson's sister Rachael who graduated Beach High in 1974 is the Canter of Congregation of Beth Am.
  • Mr.Nelson's aunt who graduated Beach High in 1949, is the world renowned Impresario, Judy Drocker and a member of the Beach High Hall of Fame.
  • His sister Evie who graduated Beach High in 1981 is a jazz composer and a original member of mister Burris's Rock Ensemble.

Mr.Nelsons Favorite Historical Characters

The Man, Who Changed Segregation And Created Peace.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Theodore Roosevelt Great President

One of Life's Milestones
First Lady

Favorite Quote

"Those who are not knowledgeable of history are condemned to repeat it"-George Santayana

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