Miami Beach Senior High School
Welcome to English
Welcome to Ms.Baez's web page
     The courses I teach are designed to introduce the students to many different genres of literature and to increase reading and writing comprehension. The goal is to allow students to become better educated toward being a fully prepared college student.  Through the  ideals of writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading, the students will analyze and evaluate the effects of literature upon themselves and upon the world at large.
Class Schedule 2016-2017
All classes held in Room 289 
Period 1:  ENL 2012/LIT 1000
Period 2:  Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems
Period 3:   ENL 2012/LIT 1000
Period 4:     Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems
Period 5:   Creative Writing
Period 6:   Planning
Period 7:      Planning
 Period 8:  Creative Writing
Contact Information
Phone: 305-532-4515 - Ask to leave a message with the front desk operator, and I will return your call promptly.