Miami Beach Senior High School

 Lodging Management Certification Requirements

-Pass both HTMP Year 1 and HTMP Year 2 final exams with score of 70% or higher.
-100 hour work experience in qualifying position.
*Qualifying position is defined as working, whether paid or unpaid, in the hospitality industry.
*Hospitality industry is defined by four categories: Accommodations, Food & Beverage, Transportation, or Attractions (see Page 11 of Year 1 text)
*There is no supervisory level requirement 
*Work requirement can be done over the course of the 2 year program, but must be completed within 120 days (4 months) of taking the Year 2 final exam
*Students will receive a Workplace Voucher to have their supervisor sign to verify they have completed the 100 hour work requirement
*Supervisor will also complete a 1-page Evaluation Form to be used as a personal portfolio for the student in order to showcase skills mastered. There is no minimum score requirement for the Evaluation.

Last Modified on January 16, 2013