BPA     DCT/CECF/BPA      

    Sponsor: Mr. Dave Schmidt

    Congratulations to our new officers!

    President: Ashley Saunders

    Vice President: Anthoney Solando

    Treasurer: Byondy Jean

    Secretary: Shezly Claramont



    FCEC Awards Breakfast

    Meeting Dates/ Times

    *Monthly on Block day (2, 4, 6, 8) at lunchtime

    *Fridays 15 minute stand up


       Upcoming Events

    CECF (Career Education Clubs of Florida/ Business Professionals

           of America) State Leadership Conference
    Membership Requirements/ Fees

    $27- District, State and National Affiliations must be part of the Diversified

    Career Technology OJT program. Program is curriculum based.


       Club Purpose and Goals                                            

    To promote the development of students through job related experiences to encourage success in their transition from school to work and ensure positive outcomes in the ability to become productive workers in our society.