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    Tamieka mclaughlin



    This week is Teen Driver Safety and a press conference was help here at Beach high yesterday 10/21/10 with the assistance of our DFYIT members. Attached you will find an article written by Channel 4 news and the videos that aired yesterday at 1pm and 6pm.



    Green X-out: Marijuana/Tobacco

    Orange X-out: Prescription/OTC Drugs

    Blue X-out: Steroids

    Purple X-out: Club/Hard Drugs

    Red X-out: Underage/Binge Drinking


    Club purpose and goals


    To promote a drug-free life style. DFYIT believes that you have the ability to be a leader and to make a difference. Friends that don't use drugs are friends who grow up with you. Families who understand the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco abuse will live healthier, happier lives. We are drug-free and are willing to prove it.