• MBSH Ecology Club!!!

    Who we are...

    The Ecology Club is a special interest club for students who care about environmental issues and want to volunteer in school and community-based projects that benefit the environment and promote environmental awareness.
    We are the stewards of Earth.

    Our purpose...
    Plan of Action:
    The Ecology club will do student-coordinated activities in an attempt to inform our entire school body about our environmental issues by raising awareness, promoting sustainable and conscious practices, and educating and stimulating the mind of those who attend Miami Beach Senior High School.

    Ecology encourages:
    • Activism
    • Implementing the four R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
    • Restoring local environments through conservation practices, invasive plant removal, native planting, Clean-Ups, protection of ecosystems in Florida.
    • Eco-Art
    • Eco-Music
    • Eco-Writting
    • Healthy Cooking & Eating practices.
    • Green Technology
    • Green Careers
    • Green Transportation
    • Educational Teach-Ins

    Ecology Club also believes in synergistic efforts between Clubs in Miami Beach Senior High, local organizations, and community partners to use our combined goals and help one another reach a better state of living as a supportive community of Earth. 

    Our plans..
    It's simple, we will have on-going and time-spanned projects.  
    Current projects involve recycling, composting, building a greenhouse, solar panels, and working on our gardens
    Come to our meetings to join in on a current project or suggest and lead new ones!