Student Government
    Officers 2013-2014

    President:                                      Camila Medina
    Vice-President:                            Isadora Leiva
    Secretary:                                      Mimi Eig
    Treasurer:                                     Kayla Almeida
    Sponsor:                                       Gwendolyn Zaldivar

              Student Government
    Meeting Dates
    Every Monday after school in the Activities Office Rm 208 at 2:25pm 
    Mission Statement
    The Student Government Association of Miami Beach Senior High School seeks to promote awareness, activism, spirit, and unity among the student body.  
    • To foster open communication among the students, teachers, parents, PTSA, and the community at large.
    • To engage in more fund-raising for school events.
    • To support the greening of our school through recycling projects and educational events.
    • To promote School Spirit!!
    • To make students aware of the causes and consequences of drug abuse.