• Welcome to LIT 1000: Introduction to Literature

Ms. Lucia Baez

Phone: 305-532-4515 ext. 2289


Degrees and Certifications:

English Education, M.S.Global and Sociocultural Studies, M.S.

Ms. Lucia Baez

Course Philosophy: LIT 1000 offers students an introduction to the study of literary fiction, one of the major genres  in literary studies. Focusing on the works of major writers, students develop analytical skills that will allow them to think, write, and speak intelligently about fiction. The course addresses basic questions about the nature of prose narrative and the interrelated activities of reading, writing, and interpretation. What is a story, and what role do stories play in our cultural and political lives? What validates a particular interpretation of a literary text, and how do various interpretations contribute to our understanding of a story’s meaning? Narrative technique, point of view, character development, and other elements of fiction are examined in the course. Weekly readings are substantial in scope and difficulty. Students will be tested on course content and will practice close reading and analysis skills in class discussions and writing assignments.


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