Watch our Epic and Tribute performance: Torn Redux at SHARE 2016
     Fusion Auditions
    Auditions will be covered in 2 days in the dance room after school beginning AUGUST 29th, 2017. 
    Fusion performance dance team


     Fusion is Miami Beach Senior High's new creative dance team, originally founded in 2012 and becoming an official organization in 2014. Our purpose is to broaden and expand the culture of dance by fusing many dance styles into a single performance, and exposing audiences to the beauty that diversity and originality can create. From Hip-Hop to Jazz, from Contemporary to Animation, from Ballet to Breaking, and everything in-between, we challenge ourselves and our audiences to reach heights in opening their minds and seeing more than what they are accustomed to. Follow us, or if you are interested in supporting us or are a student and interested in joining us, submit an application today!