Student Parking Permit Application (Download)



    Name: _____________________         ID: ________________         Parking Space#: ________


    Make: _____________________         Model: _____________         Car Color: ____________


    Student Parking Permits are limited and available to students on a priority basis according to grade level. (Seniors, Juniors, etc.) Students wishing to purchase a Parking Decal must:


    Provide a copy of a valid driver’s license

    Provide a copy of the automobile registration

    Provide proof that the student is covered by insurance (student's name must be on the insurance card and/or proof of policy)

    Student parking on campus is a privilege and can be temporarily / permanently revoked by the administration for due cause. All students issued a parking decal are required to:


    •Permanently display the parking decal on the lower front driver side windshield.

     Adhere to the speed limit of 5 miles per hour in the parking lot

    Park in the assigned parking space only. In the event that an unauthorized vehicle parks in your corresponding space, students must immediately notify an administrator.

     In the event car registration / insurance changes a new Parking Permit Application must be completed. No new fee will be collected.

     Adhere to all administrative / police directives pertaining to the safe and responsible operation of a motor vehicle.

    Students using a motor vehicle to leave campus without proper authorization will have their parking privileges temporarily / permanently revoked.



    Parking decals are $30.00 if purchased until December 22, 2017.

    Parking decals are $15.00 if purchased after December 22, 2017.
    Parking decal fees are non-refundable. 

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