2017-2018 Summer Reading Assignment

      Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

      Miami Beach Senior High 


    STUDENTS: Your Summer Reading for this course consists of a required Part one and Part two, and a strongly recommended Part three. Completion of parts one and two, and submission as per the timeline detailed below, will represent a significant portion of the students’ first quarter grades.


    The written assignments below must be typed, printed, and saved. They will be collected on the first day the student enters AP English Language and Composition. The answers to the Rachel Carson discussion questions will also be submitted to turnitin.com once students enroll in class account during the first week of school. The responses will be used to make a connection between the Environmental movement Carson helped start in the mid-twentieth century, and the state of environmental protection and stewardship in the US today.




    This summer reading is assigned to all Miami Beach High students matriculating into AP English Language and Composition for the 2017-2018 school year. 

    The assignment may be accessed at:


    http://miamibeachhigh.schoolwires.com under the “Students” tab, then by clicking “Student Summer Reading”


    Required Reading AssignmentAcquire a copy of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, preferably the version with the afterward by Edward O. Wilson.  

    As the cover suggests, this book (copyright 1962) is credited as having launched the modern environmental movement.


    Answer the following five Discussion Questions as you read the book. These questions are drawn for the following website. There is a short film clip of the PBS American Experience  Documentary about Rachel Carson on this website as well:




    ·         Support your assertions using direct evidence from the book (including page number citations), and reasoning.


    ·         1 ) What are the benefits and risks associated with the use of DDT?


    ·         2 ) Why was the broad use of DDT accepted by society in the 1950s? Who benefited from the use of DDT in large quantities? Why do you think Rachel Carson's message was not well received by some people at the time her book appeared?


    ·         3 ) Poisons have three ways of entering the human body: through the lungs by breathing, through the skin by absorption, and through the digestive tract by eating or drinking. Knowing this, what is your reaction to some of the scenes you read in Silent Spring? Be specific in describing the ‘scenes’ and attribute the page numbers.


    ·         4 ) Support, refute, or qualify the Rachel Carson's idea that humans have "a fundamental right to a healthy environment."


    5) What is Carson’s argument about cancer prevention and treatment in the United States in the book? Support your response with concrete text and reasoning.




    Part Two: AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading Requirement




    2017-2018 Summer Reading Assignment

    Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

    Miami Beach Senior High


    STUDENTS: Your Summer Reading for this course consists of Part one and Part two. Completion of both parts is required and will represent a significant portion of the students’ first semester grades.




    Overview and Rationale: One objective of the AP English Language and Composition course is that students become adept at considering multiple viewpoints about a subject, then demonstrate an ability to draw and support conclusions about that subject based on an identifiable system of belief or ethical code. An AP Chief Reader once metaphorically called this synthesizing of various source material into a cohesive,  argumentative point of view ‘having a conversation with scholarship.’


     As a class, we will be synthesizing information about the natural environment from a variety of sources. This common class conversation will be based on information of historical significance, as well as decisions and actions that are occurring today that will impact the natural environment.


    Assignment Specifics:

    Students must read 4 contemporary articles that in some way pertain to the natural environment. Students must use at least 3 different print or electronic media sources to access these articles. The articles read and summarized for this assignment must be taken from resources published after January 2017 , and must be drawn from reliable, creditable  sources.

    Students must write a one paragraph summary of each article, noting the article’s main ideas, whether the article’s writer is mostly objective or mostly subjective, and how the article informs an engaged populace about this modern concern.


     Students must also create an MLA bibliographic citation for each article.

    Use the following resource to Cite the articles in current MLA format:



    These 4 articles and their citations must be drawn from at least 3 different media outlets. Summary Responses must be typed and printed. This work is to be submitted upon the student’s entering AP English Language and Composition on his or her first day of school.


    Part Three (Optional, Strongly Recommended)


    It is also strongly suggested that students heading into AP English Language and Composition read and note major take-aways about the curriculum of this course by accessing the Course Guide for this subject. To do so, go to apcentral.collegeboard.org, scroll over “Exam Home Pages,” click AP English Language and Composition, and then click “Course Description”. Or you may follow the url below to get to the AP English Lang. and Comp. Course Description.






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