• Writing a Bill

    A Bill (limiting; to ban; to propose; to eliminate; etc._______
    1. Be it enacted by this (organization, group, party, or other)here assembled that__
    2. _____________________________________________________________
    3. _____________________________________________________________
    4.                                                        Article I
    5. _________________________________ shall be responsible for enforcing the
    6. provisions of this bill.
    7.                                                         Article II
    8. _____________________________________________________________
    9. _____________________________________________________________
    10. ____________________________________________________________
    11. ___ Mechanics of the bill < How does your bill work. ___________________
    12.                                                        Article III
    13. ________________________________________________
    14. ____________________________________________________________
    15. ______ Penalties under this Bill ____________________________________
    16.                                                        Article IV
    17. This Bill shall take effect on January 1, 2014 ___________________________
    18.                                                        Article V
    19. All laws or portions of Laws in conflict with this Bill are null and void. ________
    20.                                                              Respectfully submitted.
    21.                                                              (organization, group, party, etc.)
    Note: Always underline the Bill's name. Only double space once between Topic and
    line #1. Must be typed in the above format.

    American Government Projects



    Project # 1


    Letter of Concern-a political issue, bill or resolution (Federal) which you would like to see either passed or dealt with.


    Send it to:


                      Sen. Bill Nelson-Dem-Fl.


                      Sen. Marco Rubio-Rep-Fl


                      & your Congressman/woman


    Make a copy of each individual letter---1st Proof


    When you receive your response, make a copy---2nd Proof


    Note: if you don’t receive a response in two weeks, call the Senator or

               Representative. Call their office and get a response that day.


              Contact: www. FirstGov.gov (to get e-mail address)


    Project # 2


    Students will write three Bills. (Must be typed)


    (Worth three  separate Test grades)


    1st Bill……….Federal (Stem cell, abortion, campaign funds, etc.)


    2nd Bill………State (Education, highways, voting machines, etc.)


    3rd Bill………Local (County or City)