A. Write a biography on your photographer
    1. One page, typed
    2. 14pt. Time New Romen font
    3. 11/2 line spaced

    B. Quote by photographer on art or photograph

    C. Print 4-6 works by photographer ( 4 x 6 or larger)
    1. Label each with title and year
    2. write a reflective statement about
    the photograph and its compositional
    elements (not a description of photo)

    D. display your work on a poster board

    E. present to class in a 3 minute presentation

    Everything must be typed and presented on a
    display/poster board. Be CREATIVE!!!

    Due Date: may 5th 2008/ may 6th 2008 at the
    beginning of class
    *Grades: 4 (2for poster board/ 1 presentation/ 1 biography)

    * if you don't present you will receive an "f" for presentation and the highest grade for poster board begins at a "c"