Vocational /Technical Programs that Work



    If you realize that a two-year or four-year college is not for you, you may consider furthering your education at one of the public vocational / technical schools that are located within the Miami-Dade County and Broward Public School System. The courses offered by these public institutions are more affordable than at any other private vocational / technical center or college.

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Adult & Career Technical Education programs are designed to prepare you to enter the career of your choice through our Career Technical Education training. 

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools has an Adult Basic Education Program that will provide you with the foundation needed to begin your new career. This post-secondary training is designed to support the local workforce. Adult& Career Technical Education programs provide you with pathways in the areas of Industrial/Technical, Health/Medical, Business/Computers, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Public Service.

    Courses are offered at 21 main campuses conveniently located throughout Miami-Dade County. The programs are designed to meet the needs of working adults and include flexible schedules.


    To find a course, go to: http://www2.edworks.org/courses.shtml

    To find an Adult Educational Center,go to:  http://www2.edworks.org/vocationalcenters.shtml

    To find Apprenticeship Program Sponsors, go to: http://www2.edworks.or/apprentice_train_loc.shtml

     To find a dedicated Vocational / Technical Center near you, go to:

    G.T. Baker AviationSchool
    3275NW 42 Avenue, Miami

    Lindsey Hopkins TechnicalEd. Center
    750 NW20 Street, Miami

    Hialeah-Miami LakesAdult Center
    7977West 12 Avenue, Hialeah

    Robert Morgan EducationalCenter
    18180SW 122 Avenue, Miami


    Broward County Public Schools

    Atlantic Technical Center: http://www.atlantictechcenter.com/

    McFatter Technical Center: http://www.mcfattertech.com/

    Sheridan Technical Center: http://www.sheridantechnical.com/


    Miami Dade College

    Vocational/ Technical postsecondary training programs prepare students to enter a specific career or vocation. Programs vary widely in length and complexity. Certificates are awarded after successful completion of specified courses and satisfaction of language and computational skills.
    To learn about the types of Vocational / Technical post secondary training programs that MDC offers, please go to: https://sisvsr.mdc.edu/ps/sheet.aspx

    CollegeCredit Certificate Programs  focus on a specific job or set of skills, these programs require fewer credits than an AS degree and are Florida Department of Education Certified College Credit programs. The credits granted will apply towards the related AS degree.
    To learn about College Credit Certificate Programs offered at MDC, please go to: https://sisvsr.mdc.edu/ps/sheet.aspx

    MDC also has a large Community Education Program. To learn more about the classroom and or on-line courses that they offer, please go to: http://www.mdc.edu/ce/north/?app=10&newwin=Y


    Broward College

    Certificate Programs

    Students can complete the Accounting Applications, Business Management, Business Specialist and Office Specialist certificates online at BC. Click these links to view the Accounting Applications certificate program sheet, BusinessManagement certificate program sheet, Business Specialist certificate program sheet and the Office Specialist certificate program sheet.
    The Certificate Program is a quick, comprehensive training for students who want immediate entry into a hot job market upon certificate completion.

     Click here to view all online courses offered at BC. (Page will take a few moments to load.)

Last Modified on September 3, 2019