• Advanced Placement Literature Literary terms assignment

    Vocabulary Figurative language assignment: assignment 1

    You will have a week to create flash cards for each new list of literary devices. Each flash card must contain the word, the definition, and example, and on the flip side, some sort of riddle or pneumonic device you can use to remember this device. I will collect these cards the first day of every week that I see you. You will have a FULL week to work on these.  The first assignment will be due on the first day I see the class, either November 19 or 20th. That means you have a few free days to work on Dracula.

    Here is your first list:

    1.     Abstract

    2.     Accent

    3.     Aesthetic

    4.     Allegory

    5.     Alliteration

    6.     Allusion

    7.     Anachronism

    8.     Analogy

    9.     Anaphora

    10. Anecdote



    Make sure you use a literature guide to find the definitions because a dictionary definition may not be the same as a literary definition.




Last Modified on January 16, 2013