• Rules on Defense


    1. Always be between your man and the goal unless instructed by your coach.

    2. Never stop swimming until you are between your man and the goal. Don’t stop when he stops, get around him.

    3. There is never such as a thing as “that is not my man”. Everyone is your man. If a goal is scored it is not scored on one person, it is scored upon the team. 

    4. When on transition defense (counter attack defense) it as a CARDINAL SIN to get kicked out. Getting kicked out in transition is a sign of laziness or not paying attention.

    5. When on transition defense cover the man closest to the goal and then go up. If your man stops and there is someone closer to the goal unguarded leave your man and pick up the unguarded player.

    6. When there is a kick out (ejection) defend the area in front of the goal and then move out. Usually the hole guard is getting kicked out so the hole set is wide open in front of the cage.

    7. Listen for the whistle. You may not believe that you fouled a player but if the referee calls it then you listen. Make sure not to interfere with a free throw, one the easiest kick outs called.  

    8. Keep your hips up at all times. Its easier to move and offensive players will have a harder time moving you around or grabbing your suit because of it.

    9. When defending a player without the ball, let them swim. Just don’t let them swim past you. If your hips are up and you are paying attention you can swim along side them and not lose inside water. (Inside water is term meaning the area between the defender and the goal. If an offensive player beats a defender and gets position where they, offense, have the defender on their back, then the offensive player has inside water.

    10. When defending a player with the ball, first of all be patient. Realize that going over the shoulder will almost always be a foul. If the offensive player has his back to the goal then both arms are allowed to be up. If he is facing the goal then only one arm is allowed to be up.

    10a. As a defender you can lean and push on an offensive player if done underwater and subtlety. If he drops the ball in an effort to draw a foul and you have both hands up and are not fouling then don’t reach in for the ball over his shoulder. Wait for the official to not call the foul and then from underneath tip the ball to you.

    10b. If he tries to turn you (hips should be up) either lean into the turn to stop him from turning you or turn the other way to not let him grab you and still maintain inside water.