• Test-Taking Tips (FCAT/ACT/SAT)

    Take the Test Systematically:

    1)    Set purpose for reading -circle the key words in the first two questions only.

    2)   Return to text- Look at the title,pictures, graphs, footnotes,captions, observe every clue like you’re looking at the most beautiful person you have ever seen.

    3)   Pick up your pencil while you read –use highlighter on the computer and write very brief marginal notes on the one sheet of paper that is distributed to you during the test administration.

    4)   Process of elimination – easily eliminate two answers that are not in the text , untrue, or distorted – avoid selecting the answers that are emotionally appealing and unrelated to the text.

    5)   Select Distractor & Best Answer–Defend your answer by returning to the text to check by rereading.

    6)   If you have difficulty making a choice, then cover all answer choices, ask yourself the question, answer it in your mind, then look for the answer closest to what you thought of - then click on it.

    7)   Poems: Remember poetry deals with images- read it and consider the images that comes to your mind, consider the connotation (attitude) of the words, tone, mood, any pictures, look at diction (word choice), your reactions to it. (Read it quickly - Jot down on paper the image that comes to your mind)

    8)   Remember :  Now that you have prepared through practice,prepare your thinking to match your effort - What you can perceive and believe, you can achieve and succeed and therefore will receive – visualize yourself passing  - see your name and next to it “265” Level 3 and “y” = yes by it.  

    *   Remember to Relax – think of your favorite thing that you like to do or that you have done. 

    *   Jot down your worry list to clear your mind

    *   Stretch your arms, compact your fingers, think calming thoughts

    *   Take some deep breaths  -

    *   Relax, bring a sweater, student ID, your own snack, #2 pencil

    Wishing you the best of effort,





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Last Modified on August 18, 2014