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    Summer Reading Assignment  grades 9-12 Directions

    Miami Beach Senior High



    Page 1:  Assignment Directions

    Page 2:  Book Lists

    Page 3:  Assignment Rubric



    Summer Reading Directions:


    The Summer Reading Website will be revised to reflect these changes:

    -          All Beach High students are required to read one  book to be chosen from four grade level choices. AP and IB students will have separate assignments.


    It is important that students become active readers. 

    Within the first week of returning to, or entering Beach High, for the 2017-2018 school year, all students will be required to complete an in-class, thematic analysis essays on the required reading. To be prepared for this essay, all students will create a textual evidence journal including 30 pieces of textual evidence to support their choice of theme from one of the listed books. These must include page numbers. They will also choose one article from the Kelly Gallagher website  link that supports their theme and provide 5 pieces of textual evidence in their evidence journals for the article. you must number the lines and cite these with your evidence.  This assignment will be worth multiple grades for the first quarter and the essay and evidence journal will help graded separately. Students are to keep a list of quotes or may use annotation  to mark significant moments in the story. It is important that students develop active reading strategies so they will have an understanding of the text and be able to analyze on a higher level.

     Students will receive credit if he or she has and uses said notes when writing his or her in class essay in August. 

    Assessment: The Required Reading Essay will be graded by Language Arts teachers using the rubric below:

    2017-2018 Rubric for Assessing Summer Reading

    Miami Beach Senior High 


    Top Grades -  demonstrates engaged reading through concrete reference to action in the story;


    Average Grades - demonstrates limited engagement with the text because of limited concrete references to the text.


    Low Grades - demonstrates lack of engagement with the text through vague commentary.

     All Summer Reading assignments are due by the fourth language arts class session of the 2016-2017 year, and each assignment will represent up to 6 of the students’ first quarter language arts grades.


    2017-2018 Summer Reading Assignment List

    Article List for all grade levels.


    English I and English I Honors/Gifted Choices (All Students must read one of the four choices) :

    Anthem                                 Ayn Rand

         Lightening Thief            Percy Jackson
        Monster                         Walter Dean Myers
       Of Mice and Men            John Steinbeck

    All English II Regular and English II Honors:

    The Kite Runner                                  Khaled Hosseini

    The Glass Castle                                   Jeanette Walls                                     

     Funny in Farsi                                     Firoozeh Dumas

     In the Time of the Butterflies          Julia Alvarez


    English III and English III Honors Choices (All Students must read one of the four choices) :


           1) Brother I'm Dying                                                      Edwidge Danticat

           2) Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet              Jamie Ford

           3) Chronicle of a Death Foretold                                Gabriel Garcia Marquez

           4)  Angels and Demons                                                  Dan Brown




    English IV and English IV Honors Choices (All Students must read one of the three choices) :    


           1) The Road                                                    Cormac McCarthy

           2) Brideshead Revisited                               Evelyn Waugh

           3) The Fellowship of the Ring                     J.R.R. Tolkien



    Summer Reading Assignments are posted on the Miami Beach Senior High website under the “Students” tab (www.miamibeachhigh.schoolwires.com).



    We want you to read and enjoy reading. The projects are a way to talk about the books; have a good time with them, enjoy your book choices and have a wonderful summer break!


Last Modified on May 16, 2017