•                                                                                                                 Syllabus English IV


    Zuleika Hiraldo




    Due to Coronavirus we are using Distance Teaching and Learning resources such as:

    For Communications: 

    • Microsoft Team
    • Edmodo
    • Email
    • Telephone

    Course Topics:

    1. Analyzing World War II: Political Message
    2. Enlightment Ideas in America
    3. Writing an Argument on How To Define Success
    4. Write an Argumentative Essay on an Ethical Issue
    5. Writing an informative Essay about Utopia

    Assignments will be on Edgenuity.
    Students are expected to complete their work by the end of each Friday. 

    Except for Membean, 45 minutes, by the End of each Sunday


    Zoom Meeting Procedures/ Policies:

    It expected that students will be respectful and quiet. Any disturbance and the meeting will be canceled. The students will not get the grade for that meeting. There is no exceptions.

    Grading Policy

    60%   Zoom meetings
    20%   Completion of Edgenuity  assignments
    20%    Membean

    Grade Point Average Letter Grade                   Numerical Grade

    3.5-4                                                     A                                                               4

    2.51-3.5                                                B                                                              3

    1.51-2.5                                 C                                                             2

    1.0-1.5                                                   D                                                               1

    0-99                                                      F                                                                0 or Z