• Luck Strike Practice  
     Practice at Lucky Strike Miami Beach
     Practice Lucky Strike 2
     Practicing at Lucky Strike after MBSH PEP RALLY.
    Wating for a match to start  at AMF Bowling Lanes Pembrooke Pines
     Wating for a match to start at AMF Bowling Lanes, Pembrooke Pines.
    Waiting AMF BOYS
     Waiting before a match at AMF Bowling Lanes Pembrooke Pines
      Strategy before a match.
     Team unity, ready for our adversaries.
     Lets go and win!
    No I am not ready
    No! Wait! I am not ready!
    Now I am
    Now I am!
    Fun Picture
    Waiting for our bus, so lets take more photos.
    Boys at work!
    Boys at work!
    Boys Team
    Some of the players on the Boys Team!
    Boys and girls
    MBSH Girls and Boys together.
    Returning to MBSH with Miami Hi sharing our bus.
    Returning from GMAC
    Going to GMAC at Bird Bowl, Miami.
    Waitng for GMAC to start
     Waiting for GMAC to start at Bird Bowl.
    Wait for me!
     I want to be in the picture, wait for me!
    Now I am ready!
    Now I am ready!
    After the bus ride from GMAC
    After the bus ride from GMAC.
    Practicing for Districts at Lucky Strike
     Luck Strike Bowling Lanes
    A yearbook photographer at Lucky Strike Lanes.
    Ready for Practice
     Ready for practice.
    Greg Oden
    Miami Heat's Greg Oden with MBSH Girl's Bowling Team.