• Here are some study tips I recommend. They are organized by topic. Some are study tips that have worked for me; some are tips that have worked for students in the past. If you have anything that works for you, email me and I will add it...with credit of course.


    Since you cannot highlight your book, buy the Post-It tabs and write on them. There is far more information in this book than you need to remember, this helps sort out what is important.

    Read a section completely, then go back an take note of what was important.Look for big ideas! This will help those students who tend to highlight all the information on the page and then become overwhelmed.

    Read in chunks. Do not sit down and try to read the entire chapter in one sitting. It is too much information and will not stick with you. Read for 20-30 minutes, then change what you are doing.

    Read in the same place every time. Find a comfortable place that becomes your reading area. This helps your brain get into "reading mode" and helps eliminate other distractions.

    Turn the TV off. I know it is hard to miss your favorite shows, but studying with the TV on is almost impossible. Also, leave your cellphone alone. It is hard to concentrate on reading when you are having a text-message conversation.

    Note Taking:
    Print out the notes and bring them with you to class. We go over them quickly and sometimes we get too stuck on writing down every word that is on the board.

    Note the BIG IDEAS. We often write down every word we see on the slides. Figure out what is a NEED TO KNOW and what is
    . Only take notes on the need to know information.

    Develop your own shorthand. Figure out abbreviations and symbols that are quicker than writing down all the words.

    Studying for a Test:
    Read the chapter. It is amazing how much you can learn when you actually read the chapter!

    Take notes when you read! It will help, I promise.

    Rewrite your notes. Go through all of your notes, highlight what you feel is important. Rewrite that information down. The more times you see, the more it sticks in your brain.

    Read the handouts and use other resources that are on my "Helpful AP Links"

    Start studying early. It has been proven that cramming does not work as well as studying over time. You know the dates of tests far enough in advance to spread out the studying over a few nights. Don't wait until the end to fill your brain.

    Save Everything:
    Every time I grade something or hand something out, save it. I only handout things that will be useful for you down the road. many of the questions you see on the quizzes will end up on the unit exams. I will also put the most frequently missed questions from the previous quiz on the current chapter's quiz. My goal is not to trick you guys, but to help you learn the material!
    Take the learning Style Quiz to help find out what type of learner you are! It helps with studying.