• Miami Beach Senior High School

    2014-2015 Class Syllabi

     Englis IV

    Ms. Hiraldo 


    (786) 505-8315

     Course Description:

    In this course English- language students develop reading and vocabulary skills. Materials are vocabulary-controlled and based on concrete topics. Students practice reading and comprehending simple short stories and articles, writing related sentences, and developing basic library skills. Focus is on literal comprehension and developing a personally relevant vocabulary base.

    Text and Materials:

    a) By The Waters of Babylon: Analzying Setting
    b) Animal Farm: Part 3 Central Idea Development
    c) The Tragedy of Julius Cesar: Thematic Development
    d) Analyzing Satire in Fiction
    Supporting Materials”
    Grading Criteria
    It is imperative that students participate in Zoom Meeting
    Assignments are due each Friday, except for Membean

    60% Zoom Participation/oral presentation/reading aloud

    20% Class assignments/lab
    20 % Membean (45 minutes per week)
    Grade Point Average         Letter Grade                Numerical Grade

    3.5-4                                                               A                                     4

    2.51-3.5                                                          B                                     3

    1.51-2.5                                                          C                                     2

    1.0-1.5                                                            D                                     1

    0-.99                                                               F                                      0