• Be Kind to Eachother!      

    Scuba Club By-Laws  

    1. Each member should be fair and courteous to their fellow SCUBA divers. Hate speech or bullying will NOT be tolerated.

    2. Members should participate in events every chance they get.

    3. No member should put themselves or others in danger. Especially not as a result of misconduct or following directions.

    4. Members should understand that their academic and conduct grades will be closely watched throughout the year and that there will be consequences if they are unsatisfying.

    5. All members are subject to suspension and/or expulsion after a probation period if they do not comply with the rules, act civilly, follow directions, keep grades at least at an average level, or if our club supervisor deems it necessary for your removal.

    6. Members should be honest when filling out information about themselves, as dishonesty may lead to unsafe procedures, and ultimate health or physical problems.

    7. Members should be respectful to each other and to their superiors. If someone is speaking or giving directions it is imperative that everyone pay attention.


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Last Modified on September 25, 2017