• Iran A. Garcia

          Iran Garcia was born in Cuba and in his first 6 years, he did not have any options when it came to music nor anything relating to performance. It was only after he and his family received permission to travel to the United States that he began his  journey as a musician and performer.
          Starting in the 3rd grade at Biscayne Elementary, Miami Beach, and every year after that, Mr. Garcia would perform more and more with the guitar ensembles he was part of, both in and after school. He was then shown the ethics and built his discipline as a performer when he joined the Miami Beach Rock Ensemble and the Classical Guitar Quartet, both under the direction of Clark Burris. Performing for all occasions throughout his high school experience led him to appreciate and understand what the expectations from a musician would be, in all levels after graduating from school.
          Raised in a family full of educators, Iran realized at a very young age that he too had the same passion as his parents, in teaching others in whatever way possible. He received an Associates in Science Degree specializing in Music Business and Production from Miami-Dade College under the direction and mentoring of Steve Roitstein, Ed Calle, and  Richard Rose. He was constantly involved with classical and commercial music ensembles, recording projects and interning at various production locations. At the same time, Garcia was double majoring in Music Education under the guidance of Jose Adans as his classical guitar instructor. In order  to fund his education degrees, Garcia was employed at a nearby Sam Ash music store where he interacted with music in another way- retailing. After graduating with two different degrees, he then transferred to Florida International University where he pursued a Bachelors in Music Education directed by Dr.Kathleen Kerstetter. It was during this time that he continued with his classical guitar ensemble aspirations under the direction of Rafael Padron.
          Iran Garcia also decided to embark on a new journey and get involved as an educator as much as his accreditation would allow
    him. From retailing at Sam Ash to teaching at River Cities Charter, Mr. Garcia embarked on his musical journey by teaching 6th-8th grade guitar and instrumental ensemble classes. He was also hired as the after school guitar instructor for Biscayne Elementary after his Middle School hours. He suddenly found himself getting what he asked for, finishing his degree in the morning hours, and teaching music for the remaining hours of the day. He then became the music director for the North Shore Parks and Recreation, where he worked with kids of all ages in learning how to perform and operate instruments and technical equipment. All, while still working at two other schools and giving his private lessons during the weekends.
            “I just enjoy teaching others what was taught to me…, the tradition of education, and the emphasis of never allowing one to stop learning.”
           Through it all, he strengthened his dedication and reasons why he wanted to become an educator. Garcia is a firm believer that the process which students take in learning a concept is just as, if not more important than the result itself. Trained in both classical and popular guitar, Iran Garcia teaches 4 levels of Guitar and 3 levels of Electronic Music at Miami Beach Senior High. Having picked up where Burris left off, Garcia was hired at Miami Beach Senior High School by Dr. Rosann Sidener in 2012.  Proving to all his students that anything is possible with hard work, focus, and dedication, he continues to want to do more. Aside from directing the Miami Beach Rock Ensemble, the Classical Guitar Quartet, and organizing the music for all the theater plays at school, he has created a songwriting and creative composition community at Miami Beach Senior High for students that might want another option in music interaction in which they may be free to create music of their own for all mediums (commercial, jingle, tv, pop, poetry).
          Iran has spoken both nationally and internationally on songwriting and technology for organizations such as the 2012 and 2013 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA), the 2012 Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI), the 2012 Maryland Music Education Association (MMEA), and the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Creative Music Project in the Cayman Islands. The CMP is an organization which looks to promote student-based musical creativity by providing composition and improvisation activities accompanied by technology-based workshops.
          “I couldn’t be more excited to be working in the community which I’ve been a part of all my life. Having the chance to give back to what was once given to me, and to keep the tradition going.”