Education & Early Childhood Academy

  •  Education & Early Childhood Academy

    Four Multicultural Children

    The Education and Early Childhood Academy focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the Early Childhood Industry:

    • Child Growth and Development
    • Child Abuse and Neglect
    • Classroom Management
    • Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practices - Preschool
    • Health, Safety, Nutrition and Environmental Issues
    • Behavioral Observations and Screening
    • Inclusion for Children with Disabilities
    • Childcare Rules and Regulations
    • Developing Curriculum
    • Preschool Appropriate Practices
    • Early Literacy

    The Early Childhood Education Program is divided into four (4) levels:

    Level 1Students will learn the fundamentals of child development including understanding infants, toddlers, preschoolers, learning about the child care center, curriculum planning, and on the job skills.


    Level 2:  Students work to develop the skills necessary to work with young children in a preschool school setting. We develop these skills by planning and implementing activities with young children from ages 1-5. Introduction and testing of the 45 hours DCF (Department of Children & Families) competencies including Rules & Regulations, Health, Safety & Nutrition, Child Abuse & Neglect,.


    Level 3:  Students will again work with young children in a laboratory setting and continue to complete the 45 hour DCF competencies and exams that include Child Growth & Development, Behavior Observation & Screening, and Preschool Appropriate Practices. Students will start working on their teacher resource portfolio.


    Level 4:  Students will acquire competence in the areas of mentoring, developing the ability to motivate children and emphasis on professional development. Again, students will work with young children in a laboratory setting. Students will complete the online Early Literacy Module, their teaching resource portfolio, take the national certification test and be observed by a Child Development Associate (CDA) Specialist.

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