• Uniform Policy 2018 - 2019

    Miami Beach Senior High School

    Uniform Policy

    Student Identification Badges are required to enter campus and MUST be worn and remain visible throughout the entire school day.





    Basic crew neck t-shirts or polo shirts, with sleeves, must be solid school colors: Will be sold by the PTSA at school



        White    will be accepted this year only with school logo

    Shirts must overlap pants.

    School logos or school affiliated logos encouraged.

    NO exposed midriffs.

    NO translucency

    NO Sleeveless shirts

    NO inside out tops

    NO scoop-neck shirts

    NO design on shirts

    NO logos other than the school logo sold at the school


    Black Pants or Black Jeans are allowed.

    Khaki Pants or Cargo Pants.


    Blue Jeans allowed (Denim ONLY)


    Shorts (KNEE LENGTH) are allowed in the following colors:



        Blue Jeans (Denim)

    Students CANNOT wear P.E. uniform outside of the P.E Classroom.


    No Pants, Jeans, or shorts that are ripped or have holes in them.

    NO Basketball Shorts

    NO Sweatpants

    NO Tights, Leggings or Spandex

    NO Shorts shorter than knee length

    NO Oversized Pants

    NO underwear showing at any time.

    NO Skirts or skorts

    NO Athletic Wear


    Jackets, sweaters, and shirts must be solid school colors:



    All shoes must be closed toed.


    Belts are permissible.


    Prescription glasses are allowed.


    NO sandals, flip flops, slides or open shoes.


    Chains are NOT permissible in any way.


    Hats, bandanas, or headbands are NOT allowed.


    NO Sunglasses allowed.


    Disciplinary consequences and/or loss of privileges will occur if the above policies are violated.