A student accumulating more than 10 unexcused hours in an annual course (more than 5 hours in a semester course) will be subject to the withholding of passing final grade(s) pending a student / parent-requested administrative review of all absences. 

     The following is the “No Credit” appeal process for Miami Beach Senior High School:

     1)    Any student who has accrued more than 10 unexcused hours in an annual course (more than 5 unexcused hours in a semester course) may be issued a “No Credit” for that course.

     2)    A student who is receiving an academic “F” for the final grade is NOT to be issued a “No Credit”.

     3)    PRIOR to beginning the No Credit process, the parent(s) / guardian(s) must be notified that the student may be receiving a No Credit and will be receiving a “No Credit Appeal Form”.

     4)    Issue a “Notification of No Credit” form to every student that meets the criteria mentioned above.  BE REMINDED THAT STUDENTS FAILING YOUR CLASS DO NOT RECEIVE AN “NC”; INSTEAD STUDENTS ARE TO RECEIVE THE “F”.

     5)    Teacher warning to students that any unexcused absences accrued after the NC Notification has been issued WILL NOT be subject to appeal, AND may lead to the withholding of Credit.

     6)    Students receiving the Notification Form must sign the NO CREDIT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ROSTER acknowledging receipt of the form.  This step is extremely important.

     7)    Students will be responsible for completing the Appeal Process. Students MUST receive an APPEAL FORM completed by their teacher. The APPEAL FORM must then be completed by student and/or parent and then turned in to Mr. Ramon Patrice, A.P.

     8)    The NO CREDIT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ROSTER signed by the students must be returned to Mr. Patrice, A.P.

     9)      The review committee will convene to consider all appeals and will issue a decision.

     10)  The formal process of issuing / inputting the NO CREDIT  is the responsibility of Administration.

     Please be advised that without your attention this procedure will not be successful.  If you have any questions regarding this feel free to contact me.