• The School Board of Miami-Dade County
    Bylaws & Policies
    Unless a specific policy has been amended and the date the policy was revised is noted at the bottom of that policy, the Bylaws and Policies of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools were adopted on May 11, 2011 and were in effect beginning July 1, 2011.


    Parents, other adult residents of the community, and interested educators are encouraged to visit schools.

    The Principal has the authority, however, to prohibit the entry of any person to a school or expel any person when there is reason to believe the presence of such person would be detrimental. If an individual refuses to leave the school grounds or creates a disturbance, the principal is authorized to request assistance from School Police or the local law enforcement agency to remove the individual.

    Rules regarding entry of persons other than students, staff, and faculty upon school grounds or premises shall be posted conspicuously at or near the entrance to such grounds or premises if there are no formal entrances, and at the main entrance to each school building. In addition, the rules shall be posted in a central location in each school and made available to students, upon request.

    Visitors Invited by the Superintendent

    Visitors who have made arrangements through the Office of the Superintendent will be referred to the Deputy Superintendent of School Operations.

    Visitors will be referred to region superintendents on a rotating basis unless the visitor(s) has requested a specific school(s). The visitations will be coordinated by school operations staff and the appropriate region superintendent.

    The assigned region superintendent will have a member of his/her staff or a principal of one of the schools in the region receive the visitor or delegation referred to him/her.

    Visitors Invited by Other Administrators

    Supervisory or administrative staff who have invited professional visitors may elect to receive the visitors whom they have invited, as well as other visitors who may have a mutual interest or area of competency.

    Parent and Community Visitors

    Parents and other persons who wish to visit the schools should be directed to the school office, be greeted by the Principal and furnished guide services. All visitors are to be made to feel welcome.

    Off-Duty Employee Visitors

    There shall be no solicitation of employees or students on personal matters by salespersons or agents on the school premises.

    Off-duty District employees at work locations other than where they are assigned:

      A. must report to the main office and identify themselves as employees of the Board;
        The Principal shall require employees to state their purpose on campus and submit personal identification. The Principal may verify an employee's employment status.


      B. are prohibited from engaging in solicitation/distribution inside the building or in any areas other than parking areas. This prohibition applies whether the employee is engaging in union or other forms of solicitation/distribution;


      C. may engage in solicitation/distribution in District parking areas where the solicitation/distribution involves employee terms and conditions of employment and provided they have complied with this policy.


    Individual employees may access their own work sites and grounds including parking areas, and parking areas at all other District work sites, provided they comply with this policy.

    Persons who are not District employees or representatives of an exclusive bargaining agent shall not be allowed access to District work sites and grounds including District parking areas, except on official Board business and according to this policy.

    The exclusive bargaining agent, where provided by contractual agreement, shall be allowed access to District work sites and grounds, including work location parking areas.

    Outside Vendors

    Only vendors of materials or services which normally would be used in the schools are allowed admission to school facilities. Vendors shall not disturb teachers who are in the classrooms. Vendors selling products pursuant to labor contracts, such as insurance, annuities, etc., must have written authorization from the labor organization(s), verified by the Office of Legislative and Labor Relations and Governmental Affairs, before access is authorized at school or other Board work sites.

    F.S. 1001.41(2)

Last Modified on January 22, 2015