• Donation Program

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    Last year, our PTSA through our fundraising efforts was able to provide the following services, classroom materials, equipment, and a multitude of other needs to our school. The purchases and funded services included:
    • Tutoring and SAT/FCAT prep materials
    • Staff appreciation and recognition events
    • Student recognition, honor roll, and graduation support
    • Educational materials and classroom supplies including classroom books, art materials, cameras, softwares, and aquariums
    • Sports teams and club needs including tournament registration fees, uniforms, equipment, and supplies
    • Technology enhancements including printers, scanners, fax machines, mousepads, keypads, flash drives, and cartridges
    • Media Center books, licenses, and periodicals
    • Performing Arts needs, including musical instruments and stage management materials
    • Turnitin- plagiarism prevention program
    This year, your donations count more than ever. With the continued cuts in school funding and economic instability, we are facing great shortfalls.Please consider participating in our Donation Program. There is no donation too small or too large.
    Amelia Gowdy and Hillary Frankel,
    PTSA President and President-Elect
    Cash or Checks can be sent to:
    2231 Prairie Avenue
    Miami Beach, FL  33139