• Miami Beach Senior High School      

    Course Title:  World History

    Instructors:  Ms. Guenin/Mr. Robby

    305-532-4515 Ext.2290



    Students will understand how ancient civilizations developed and their contribution to the development of today’s societies.


    Course Topics:

    • Investigate Early Humans civilizations
    • Compare & contrast the First Civilizations
    • Investigate the culture of the Pharaohs of Egypt
    • Compare & contrast the early civilizations of India, China and the Americas
    • Discuss & evaluate the reasons for slavery
    • Discover the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire
    • Compare & contrast imperialism in different cultures
    • Understand the conflicts that led to WWI, WWII and the Holocaust
    • Discuss & evaluate the Cold War, Vietnam, civil rights and social change
    • Investigate the rise of terrorism and the new global economy


    Text and Materials:

    • Microsoft Tablets with World History book application and access to the internet
    • Textbooks: World History: (Glencoe) class set and on-line in student portal
    • Approved Internet search engines and websites, three desktop computers w/acces to internet, WIFI for individual home devices and/or smartphones (for research purposes only)
    • Class notebooks or binder, various size poster boards,
    • Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, colored pencils and various size poster boards


    Grading Criteria:

    • 40% class work
    • 30% projects
    • 20% quizzes and tests
    • 10% attitude


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