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    Content: This course will focus upon the major concepts in Chemistry. The science of matter will be explored through lecture, demonstrations, readings and laboratory work.


    Course Goals: This course will help students have a better understanding of the role of chemistry (and chemicals) in their life and give them a firm foundation or background for Advanced Placement Chemistry, IB Chemistry and their future college courses.


    Course Outline:

    Quarter I

     I.       Introduction to Chemistry and

            Lab Safety                                                   

    II.     Scientific Measurements

           III.  Matter and Change

         IV.   Atomic Structure


    Quarter II

        V.    Electrons in Atoms

        VI.    The Periodic Table

        VII.   Ionic and Metallic Bonding

        VIII.  Covalent Bonding

    Quarter III

        IX.      Chemical Names and Formulas

    X.      Chemical Quantities

    XI.    Chemical Reactions

           XII.  Stoichiometry

           XIII.   The Behavior of Gases

    Quarter IV

     XIV.      Solutions

     XV.       Acid, Bases and Salts

           XVI.      Thermodynamics*

          XVII.    Electrochemistry*

           XVII.    Nuclear Chemistry*

    *These topics will be included as time permits



    Textbook: Florida Chemistry Matter and Change.  Mc Graw Hill

    Students can access the online edition from their students’ portal.


    Required Materials: Three ring binder, 2 dividers (notes/handouts and lab journal), paper, pencils and pens, erasers, and a scientific calculator.


    Grading Procedure: Grades are based on classwork, homework, lab reports, tests and



    1. Classwork and homework will be worth between a quarter percent to one full grade, based on difficulty and length of assignments.
    2. Quizzes will be worth two (2) grades.
    3. Labs will be worth two (2) grades.
    4. Test will be worth three (3) grades.
    5. A grade “Z” (0) will be given for all missing or past-due work.
    6. Grading for any special projects or assignments will be disclosed on individual basis.
    7. Grades will be computed according to Miami-Dade County Public School 100 points grading scale:

    A = 90% - 100%   B = 80% - 89% C = 70% - 79%   D = 60% - 69   F = below 59%

    Tests/Quizzes: Test and quiz dates will be announced several days in advance. There may also be an occasional unannounced or “pop” quiz.


    Course Requirements: You are expected to be prepared and to participate in all classroom activities (lectures and labs). Do the Home learning. Chemistry cannot be learned the night before the exam. You must practice every day. Think critically about discussions in class and engage in all cooperative group work (Labs, projects and presentations). Always attend class. Be responsible for all information missed in case you are absent.

    Lab Fee: There is a $5.00 science lab fee for every student at Beach High enrolled in a science class. Students can pay the fee during school hours at the treasurer’s office or online on the school portal under apps & services (Look for Online School Payments, OSP) .The fee is to buy supplies needed for the labs.

    Extra credit: This is an honors course. No extra credit will be given.  

    Communication with the teacher: Parents and students may contact me by email (imenendez@dadeschools.net).

    Edmodo.com will be used daily for class news, reminders, and most materials used in class. Students will be setting up their accounts in class. Edmodo is a very safe, social learning platform. Personal contact information is never exchanged. Students will be provided the Edmodo Class Code upon setting up their accounts during class.

    All students must create an Edmodo account, and they must check it daily for updates. This is absolutely critical and essential for success in my class. 




    Classroom Expectations:


    1. BE RESPECTFUL - Show respect to teachers, students and property
    2. BE PROMPT- Come to class on time and ready to learn.
    3. BE PREPARED- Bring all required materials to class.
    4. BE PRODUCTIVE- Complete assignments on time and to the best of your ability.
    5. BE POSITIVE- Know that you can and will succeed in this class!


    Classroom Policies: 



    Homework will be assigned each class meeting and it will be checked randomly. It may include a written assignment, reading, practice problems, studying, working on a research project, or bringing an item needed for the next class. No homework will be accepted late. If you are absent the day a homework assignment is due, be ready to turn it in when returning to class.

    Homework is due at the beginning of the class period. Place it in the assigned bin as soon as you enter the room.


    This class is cumulative, meaning you must understand the previous unit to understand the next.  Therefore, it is imperative for students to attend class regularly. In case of an excused absence, it is the learner’s responsibility to ask the instructor for all missed assignments. The learner will have the same number of days the other students had to complete the assignment. Missing assignments will result in Z’s.

     Make-up Quizzes and Tests

    Quizzes and tests must be made up within ONE WEEK of return date.


    Students must be on time to class and are to be seated quietly in their assigned seats when the bell rings or they will be considered tardy. In this case, they will be marked tardy in the grade book.

    Students who are elsewhere in the school without having received prior approval will be considered unexcused. Passes from other teachers will not be accepted after 15 minutes


    1. Enter the classroom quietly and take your assigned seat.
    2. No electronic device is allowed in class unless instructed to do so. Disciplinary actions will be

          taken according to the MBSHS Electronic Device Policy.               

    1. Backpacks and purses are to remain off the desks always.
    2. Be alert. Do not put your head down in class.
    3. Be respectful. Refrain from impolite language or profanity in the classroom.
    4. Restroom passes are given unless the privilege is abused. Sign-out in restroom pass

           notebook recording the time you leave and the time you return. Take and return the yellow

           hall pass.

    1. Lab rules/procedures/directions and safety precautions must be followed and will be

        strictly enforced.

    Labs and Safety

    Because of safety issues, I am extremely particular about students’ knowledge in this area. We will go into detail about proper procedures. These must be followed with great care. A lab safety exam will be administered at the beginning of the year and a score of 80 or better is required to participate in labs.

    Any student not focusing on the laboratory procedure during laboratory exercises (e.g., talking with students in another group, playing on cell phone, etc.) will be removed from the lab and receive a zero; the same goes for any students that are being disruptive or not following proper lab safety procedures. Additionally, a grade can only be assigned to students that participate during labs, thus standing idly for the period will also result in a grade of zero.

    Most labs will require a proper lab report. Students will be introduced to the proper format the first week of school and will be expected to utilize this format all year long.


    The Miami Beach Senior High School Academic Integrity Policy will be strictly enforced. Refer to the school website to review it.

















    (305) 532-4515 EXT 2373-Room 373 -imenendez@dadeschools.net




    I have read and understand the requirements and expectations of this class.

    I have received a copy of the class syllabus.

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