PTSA continues to partner with  Miami Beach Senior High School to provide much needed
    volunteer services. 
    Our involvement is vital as our schools are struggling with budget cuts.
    Based on YOUR schedule, there are opportunities to help in the following areas:

    Reading -

    Assist teachers with individuals and/or group reading assignments in the classroom. 


    Math -

    Provide Math homework help and/or Math FCAT, SAT, or ACT preparation assistance in the



    Media Center-

    Assist our Librarian by helping with aiding and monitoring students and with general library


    If you have a special talent and want to help in some way not listed here, please let us know as well.          

    You, or someone you know, can make a difference!

    Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Gabriele Hemmerde-Vecco at  VPr:
    Become a Listener/Oyente
    A Listener is a supportive special adult, not a fixer, rescuer or advisor.  The goal of the Listener is to join the student’s world without judgment.  Listeners are not expected to solve the student’s problems.  The Listener is there to help build a student’s positive self-esteem and empower the student to develop their own excellent problem-solving skills.

    Listeners listen once a week for thirty minutes per student.  Listeners are greatly needed at Miami Beach Senior High as we no longer  have the staff position of Trust Counselor.

    All Listeners have the opportunity to participate in an intensive training session offered at various locations throughout the school year and monthly workshops to sharpen their listening skills.  For more information about the Listeners/Oyentes Program please visit- http://www.listenersprogram.org/index.htm