The BioGas Project  
    The BioGas Project - Join us in revolutionizing the way we view waste. The BioGas Project is a school wide initiative designed to transform waste into clean energy. This environmentally-friendly system is both efficient and easy to use. Our goal by the end of this year is to fundraise and build a biogas system to be placed in front of the school cafeteria. 
    The LED Project
    The LED Project - Shedding new light on the future. Join us in transforming our school into an efficient and environmentally-friendly atmosphere with the simple switch of a light bulb. LED lightbulbs are not only recyclable but also work to improve overall school health (hint: they do not contain mercury, which is hazardous to your health). In addition, LED lighting systems help save 70% in expenditures on energy, thereby reducing our school's operating budget and ultimately taxpayer's money. So here's a challenge: how many students does it take to change a lightbulb? 
    The Science Digest   
    The Science Digest - Your daily news source for all the recent breakthroughs in science and technology. Why You Should Join: Science writers play an imperative role in advancing conversation about science. While their reporting often highlights exhilarating news of scientific breakthroughs, their reporting also works to bring numerous global issues and policy debates into public view. Join now to change your piece of the world. 
    Available at: http://mbshengineering.wixsite.com/sciencedigest 
    STEM Volunteer Network - With a firm dedication to the advancement of education, the Engineering Club will be creating a STEM Volunteer Network to help MBSH students in their academic studies. We will be offering tutoring in the Library every Monday and Wednesday. For more information, please contact mbshengineering@gmail.com. If you would like one-on-one sessions please schedule with the contact previously listed. 
    Building a Water Bottle Raft
    Launching a GoPro into Space
    Hosting Project Fundraisers
    and more!!! 
    Busch Gardens Trip (December 2nd, 2016) 
    SECME Competition
    Brain Bowl
    End of the Year Trip?
    Have an idea? Contact mbshengineering@gmail.com