• International Baccalaureate Diploma Requirements 

    IB Diploma Program  

    *IB curriculum classes subject to availability.  **Required course or project.





    In order to qualify for the IB Diploma you must:

    1.     Take one class in each of the following core areas: English, Foreign Language (Language B), Individual and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and the Arts or Electives.

    2.     Maintain a 2.5 "unweighted" grade point average (GPA) in all core areas.

    3.     Complete all Internal Assessments, including the Extended Essay, TOK paper and CAS program.

    4.     Earn 24 points or more across the IB subjects tested. 12 Points must be attained from the Higher Level courses.


    In addition, AP exam scores and the number of AP classes in which the student is enrolled, as well as prior success in subjects that will be taken as Higher Level will be taken into consideration in the Admissions process.

    All IB Diploma aspiring candidates will be subject to a mid-year evaluation in their 11th grade, and based on the results of this review you will be allowed to pursue the IB Diploma


    Because you are pursuing the IB Diploma, you are exempt from traditional Florida graduation requirements for 11th and 12th Grade.  However, please be aware that if you drop the IB Diploma Program during your junior or senior year, Florida graduation requirements are reinstated.  Also, please note that the “fixed menu” nature of the IB curriculum does not allow for class changes or substitutions for any reason. 



Last Modified on January 20, 2017