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    This 2018 / 2019 Class Website is for YOU!


    This website is for the use of all students, parents, and teachers from Miami Beach Senior High School. Here you will find class assignments, homework, and additional information about projects and classes throughout the year.


    Este pagina web es para el uso de todos los estudiantes, de los padres, y maestros de la escuela Miami Beach Senior High School. Aquí usted encontrará las tareas de la clase, los deberes, e información adicional sobre la clase a través del año.

    Remember: Hi Tide Pride Begins with YOU!

     The Code of Student Conduct (COSC) is aligned to local, state, and federal mandates with an emphasis on promoting a safe learning environment to ensure academic success.

    Email Address: REllis2@dadeschools.net 
    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

    NAF: Be Future Ready
    Students go to these links to register for the NAF Academy / Academy of Information Technology:
    to the students who passed their certification exams

    in POWERPOINT, in WORD, in OUTLOOK, and/or in EXCEL

    to earn their certification in

     Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    Jaedon Taylor, Ezra Grover, Victor Rama, Isaac Jimenez, Roshni Khan,  Isaac Tovar, Dario Curapic, Christopher Fuentes, Daniel Padilla, Margareth Benavente, Anna Hughes, Nicolas Chaparro, Penelope Diaz, and Shawn Walker, Harold Carrazana, and Lucca Brito.


    PERIOD 1 – Isaac Jimenez, Eric Santos, Jordan Casillas, Ronald Reyes, Vicenzo Puelles, Sebastian Gallardo, Sebastian Caceres, Bryan Navarro, Isaac Tovar, Chris Fuentes,  And YOU

    PERIOD 5 – Brian Alvarez, Alberto Dumenigo, Ezra Grover, Ethan Roberts, Penelope Diaz, And YOU  

    PERIOD 6 - Margareth Benavente, Roshni Khan, Cristian Milian, Marcos Munoz, Jaedon Taylor, Shawn Walker, Neilson Velez, And YOU

    PERIOD 7-  Ricardo Miranda, Steven Arencibia, And YOU

    PERIOD 8-   Lucca Britto, Nicolas Chaparro, Brandon Delcarmen, Laura Garratt, Anna Huges, Rosie Nguyen, Victor Rama, Casey Venoy, Harold Carrazana, Fahim Dhali, Dario Curapic, Daniel Padilla, Kevin Breitsameter,  And YOU

    in WORD

    PERIOD 1 Isaac Jimenez, Vicenzo PuellesJordan Casillas, Chris Fuentes, Isaac Tovar,  And YOU

    PERIOD 5 Ezra Grover, Penelope Diaz, And YOU

    PERIOD 6 – Jaedon Taylor, Shawn Walker, Margareth Benavente, And YOU

    PERIOD 7-  Ju, And YOU

    PERIOD 8-  Harold Carrazana, Anna Huges, Rosie NguyenBrandon Delcarmen, Kevin Breitsameter, Dario Curapic, Lucca Britto, Victor Rama, And YOU


    in OUTLOOK

    PERIOD 1 – Isaac Tovar, Chris Fuentes, And YOU

    PERIOD 5 – Ezra Grover, Penelope Diaz, And YOU

    PERIOD 6 – Jaedon Taylor, Margareth Benavente, Aitor Cazalis, Shawn Walker And YOU

    PERIOD 7-  J, And YOU

    PERIOD 8-  Dario Curapic, Nicolas Chaparro, Harold Carrazana, And YOU


    in EXCEL

    PERIOD 1 – Lazaro Gonzalez, Jean Rodriquez, Isaac Jimenez And YOU

    PERIOD 5 – Ezra Grover, And YOU

    PERIOD 6 – Jaedon Taylor, Aitor Cazalis, Roshni Khan, And YOU

    PERIOD 7-  J, And YOU

    PERIOD 8-  Victor Rama, Anna Huges, Daniel Padilla, Dario Curapic  And YOU


    PERIOD 1 – Lazaro Gonzalez, Jean Rodriquez, And YOU





    to the students who passed their certification exams in



    Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)



    PERIOD 3- Gabriela Olmo, Luke Barcenas, Ethan Shimansky, Alfred Jimenez, Hermann Alarcon, Alexander Peterson, Kyle Vita, Jake Rubin, and Daniel Alonso. 

    In MTA HTML5

    PERIOD 3-  Kiril Andrieiev, Alexander Peterson, and Ethan Shimansky.


    PERIOD 3-  Kiril Andrieiev, Alexander Peterson, Ethan Shimansky, Jean Rodriguez, Luke Barcenas, and Brendan Espinel. 


    PERIOD 3- 






    TIPS FOR PARENTS from the U.S. Department of Education

    • Read with your children.

    • Talk to your children and teenagers—and listen to them, too.

    • Set high expectations for your children.
    Ellis AOIT           


    Why STEM?

    Generally, STEM education efforts seek to increase student curiosity in and engagement with science, technology, engineering, and math. It is hoped that STEM initiatives will encourage more students to study, and eventually secure jobs in, STEM-related fields. 







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