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    Don't analyze it, just write it

    "If history teaches you one thing, you cannot live without history."
    How to access the online textbook:
    Sign into the sutdent portal. Your username is your ID number and your password is the month of your birthday, the year and the letters "pw"
    When you get onto the homescreen, click the purple icon that reads "report card".
    Click on the book icon
    M-DCPS Attendance Procedures
    Students are expected to be in class, punctual, and prepared to paricipate in the learning process every day.  Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if students are to make use of the educational opportunities in high school.
    Excused Absences:
    To excuse an abscence a student's parent/guardian must notify (with a written note) the school of the student's abscence within three (3) school days with an acceptable reason.  All absent notes must be submitted from 7:00-7:15am and during lunch or after school before 3:0pm.  Parents/guardians may excuse absences only for the following reasons:

    1. Personal illness

    2. Illness of an immediate family member

    3. Death of a family member or close friend

    4. Verified medical or dental appointment

    5. Verified required legal appearance

    6. Out-door suspension from school

    7. Approved school-sponsored event

    8. Pre-approved family travel/college visit


    Make-up work must be completed after school.  Never during class time!

Last Modified on November 13, 2008