• Principal's Message



    Dearest Members of the Miami Beach Hi Tide Family, On behalf of the administration, teachers, faculty and staff at Miami Beach Senior High, it is my honor to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. I am very excited to welcome our returning Hi Tides as well as all of our new freshman and transfer students. We are so eager for the start of a new year and to welcome every back home

    First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to each of our Hi Tide Family Members as Miami Beach Senior High increased our performance and “B”ecame a “B” rated school!!! All of our hard work and effort has earned us that level of achievement and it’s only the beginning!!! We need to celebrate and recognize all of the focus and organization that brought us to this point and adjust our goals as we move forward toward the “A”.

    We would like to acknowledge some very important Hi Tide Staff Members who always gave of themselves and were integral parts of our Hi Tide Family! Some are retiring and some have accepted different challenges at other schools. Happy Retirement to Captain Gallagher, Mrs. Cooper, and Mr. Robert Ellis. Good luck at your new schools Mr. Cortes, Dr. Hillhouse, Dr. Leon, Ms. Kathy Lopez, Ms. Money, and Mr. Pierre. We wish you all the best and remember that we are Hi Tides for Life!!

    Congratulations to certain individuals on our staff who will be moving to different positions: Ms. Guido (Registrar), Ms. Sakowicz (CTE/Acceleration Coach), Ms. Sevillanos (TRUST Counselor), and Ms. Campa (Test Chair). I would like to welcome our new Hi Tide Staff Members: Mr. Amaya (Paraprofessional), Ms. Burrows (Science), Ms. Cabral (Principal’s Secretary), Ms. Costa (Activities Director), Mr. Julio Echemendia (Assistant Principal), Ms. Fernandez de Gonzalez (Bilingual Paraprofessional), Ms. Gomez (Clerical), Ms. Kelly (English/ESOL), Lt. Commander Louidor (ROTC), Ms. Sanchez (Clerical), Mr. Sterne (Band/Music Teacher), and Ms. Tirado (Art). We are so lucky to have you as part of our Hi Tides!

     I am so excited to be starting a new year here at MBSH as a "B" school that is setting the course to secure the "A". Thanks to our PTSA, City of Miami Beach, Alumni Association, all our partners. Together, we can and will reach our goals in a positive, productive and memorable way!

    The portal is now active, but there are still many changes to schedules that are pending. The process of rolling over is still not complete. Please be patient and print out your schedules on Saturday, August 17th. This is the schedule that you will use on your first day of school.

    We look forward to seeing all new Freshman and transferring students on Saturday, August 17th at 9:00 am. Please be here early and prepared to take your pictures for your new student identification badges. The Uniform store will also be opened for uniform purchases. Miami Beach Senior High is a Mandatory School Uniform School. All students are required to be in full school uniform, which includes ID badges beginning Day #1 of school.

     I look forward to seeing everyone by 7:00 am on the 19th for the First Day of School. Please give yourselves plenty of time to get to your classes on time.



    Maria T. Rodriguez