Ms. Balgobin 
    AP/IB & Honors Psychology 
    Room 275
    Email: mbalgobinpsychology@gmail.com
    The purpose of AP & IB and Honors Psychology is to introduce students to the studies of behavior and mental processes of humans and animals.  Students will be provided with a critical overview of the study of Psychology, focusing on the theories and research methods used in psychological science and practice. Because Psychology is a fascinating course,students are encouraged to explore the field using a variety of methods. Students will learn about the methods and ethical approaches of professional psychology and analyze current issues in today's world from a psychological perspective
    Class Schedule 2017-2018
    Period 1 - IB Psychology (Junior)
    Period 2 - IB Psychology (Senior)
    Period 3- Planning
    Period 4 - Planning
    Period 5- Honors Psychology 
    Period 6- Honors Psychology 
    Period 7- AP Psychology
    Period 8- AP Psychology
     * Students MUST have an appointment confirmed by the instructor in order to meet during her planning period
    Students are responsible for:


    · Reviewing the teacher’s website to update class information and be aware of the curricular calendar

    · Printing and studying the chapter lecture notes & reading the assigned chapter

    · Completing the assignments and homework on time (Use your lifelines: Check online or Call a friend)

    · Their own attendance

    Psychology Humor
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