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    The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for employment. The Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) is a preschool specialization and recipients are eligible for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Staff Credential.  Students who complete the ECE program AND meet all requirements are awarded the ECPC.

    Program Facts:


    ·        The ECE Program includes the DCF 40-hour Introductory Child Care Training – Part I and Part II. (See table in “Students” section)


    ·        Students must pass the DCF Part I and Part II Introductory Child Care Training competency exams prior to being issued the ECPC.


    ·        To offer the DCF Introductory Child Care Training courses, a program must be approved by the local DCF child care Training Coordinating Agency.


    ·        Programs are required to use DCF materials and will be subject to monitoring by DCF Training Coordinating Agencies.


    ·        The Florida Department of Education ECPC is based upon the eight content areas listed below:


    1.   Planning a safe, healthy, supportive, and respectful learning environment.

    2.   Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development (including literacy).

    3.   Positive ways to support and promote children’s social and emotional development.

    4.   Strategies to establish productive, positive relationships with families.

    5.   Strategies to manage effective program operations.

    6.   Maintaining a commitment to professionalism.

    7.   Observing and recording children’s behavior including an understanding of screening and assessment.

    8.   Principles of child growth and development.


    ·        Each content area is an integral part of the ECE Program.


    ·        The ECE Program is a 4 credit/600 hour program, which is comprised of 120 hours of classroom instruction and 480 hours of direct work with children.


    ·        It is acceptable for a student to begin this program in high school and then continue/complete the program at a technical center.

Last Modified on November 9, 2017