• Diving

    Coach: Lewandowski
    Room 560




    • If you are interested in diving please see coach lewandowski in room 560
    • Most people think diving is crazy! Yes, you flip, twist, and flip again . . . from 32 feet in the air! . . . then you enter the water perfectly with no splash.
      What is it about the sport of diving that makes it so addictive? Is it the speedo? Or is the muscles bulging out of the bodies and the long linear lines that make the sport so elegant and beautiful. Diving is an art, an acrobatic and flawless sports performance that make most spectators say, "OMG!"


    In order for a student to participate in extracurricular athletics and activities, a student must meet the standards set forth by Section 1006.15, Florida Statutes, policies of the Greater Miami Athletic Conference (GMAC), and Miami-Dade County School Board rules. In addition, a student must comply with the school district’s Contract for Student Participation in Interscholastic Competitions or Performances, FM-7155. 

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