Miami Beach Senior High School

AOHT OFFICERS 2016-2017 

              NAF Be Future Ready Academy of Hospitality & Tourism

 Lead Teacher

 Patricia Gregory


Christopher Real    

 Executive Vice President

 Leslie Mendoza

 Vice President

 Erica Silver


 Lissette Karmody

 Public Relations Liaison

 Ralph Motola

 Community Service Liaison

 DebbieKate Salamorin


 Sofia Raganato 

 Raffio Giacobbe 

   What is AOHT? The Academy provides public high school students with the requisite knowledge and skills for a successful career in one of the world's largest service industries, through a curriculum that provides an in-depth look at all aspects of tourism and hospitality, including coursework in business, geography, hospitality, and economics.
   The Academy of Hospitality & Tourism operates as a small learning community and is located in more than 110 high schools nationwide. Meeting the needs for academic instruction and practical industry-related work experience to prepare young people to enter this exciting field is more critical than ever. Through their Academy experience, students gain an understanding of the connections that exist between their education and the workplace. Academy teachers and industry mentors provide students with the curriculum and guidance necessary for rewarding careers. With more than 500 travel-related companies participating as business partners, the Academy fosters the personal, analytical, technical and communications skills needed for a career path in hospitality and tourism.

Last Modified on December 12, 2016