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    Welcome students and families! Please use the menu options on the left to obtain information about our Academy. Our office is located in Room 708 and we would be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Please scroll down for contact info.


    News from the Beach High

    Pre-IB Scholars Academy:

    all the decision letters for the 2018-19 school year have been mailed out.

    Reminder: the parent School of Choice Transfer must be completed by May 25.


     The Scholars - IB Banquet for our senior students, their families and teachers will be held

    on Sunday, May 27, at 11:30 am

    at the Miami Shores Country Club,

    10000 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Shores


    Buy your ticket now at the Scholars office or in Ms. Carro's room - each ticket is $37 (cash or money order made to Scholars Academy).


    Senior Scholars Memory Book

    As we traditionally create every year, a memory book for all graduating Scholars and IB students will be printed. Each student will have a page to fill in with photographs, collages, the logo of the college they are going to, email address, short messages (such as thank you notes or a motto) and so on. Students can use PicCollage or Befunky and email their layout by May 21 to ib.scholars2018@gmail.com
    Back-to-School Orientations

    The Beach High Pre-IB Scholars Academy and IB Diploma Program will hold the following important orientations for new students who have been accepted to the program:
    • August 14, Scholars IB Summer orientation for incoming 9th graders, 9-11 am, Media Center.
    • August 15, Scholars IB Summer Orientation for incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, 9-11 am, Media Center.
    These orientations are for students only.



      College Acceptances for the 2018 IB Seniors !!

    Yale - Darthmouth -Brown- Stanford - Emory- Washington- John Hopkins- Tufts-Tulane- George Washington-UC San Diego-Occidental- Washington St Louis- Drew- Boston University-Pomona- Northeastern- Florida- Florida State- South Florida-Central Florida-FIU-FAU- Purdue-Swarthsmore- Duke- Rice- Vanderbilt- American Paris University- Boston College- University of Miami- Barry University-UC Santa Barbara- Ohio State-Michigan-NYU-North Carolina State-UC Davis- USC-UC Irvine- Rensselaer- Maryland





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     Ms. Sylvia Carro, Pre-IB Scholars Academy coordinator, and Mr. Carlos Rodriguez, IB Program coordinator, are visiting several middle schools to present our Academy programs. See them in the photo below at Ada Merritt K-8 School.


    The traditional Scholars and IB Banquet for graduating seniors was held on June 5th at the Miami Shores Country Club.
    Our Scholars and IB seniors were recognized and received their cords.
    Members of the Administration and Faculty attended the Banquet, whose MCs were Ms. Sylvia Carro, Scholars Academy coordinator, and Mr. Carlos Rodriguez, IB Program coordinator. 

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    See a video of the event here:
      (video courtesy of Africa Aycart)

    Spring Ice Cream Social

    Our Spring Ice Cream Social was held on March 15 during both lunches. Our Scholars and IB students received an ice cream in a flavor of their choice with toppings of their choice. We would love to thank the volunteering parents who made it possible. See them in action in the photo below.

    ice cream



    IB Seniors are ready for bigger and better days!!!!
    IB Seniors College bound!!!




    Sylvia Carro, Scholars Academy sacarro@dadeschools.net

    Carlos Rodriguez, IB Coordinator crod-mbsh@dadeschools.net 

    Ms. Williams, Scholars-IB Counselor, cmwilliams3@dadeschools.net
    Scholars Office:  305-532-4515, Ext. 2708
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