AMES has joined with several educational partners to conduct research in our academy classes and on our fieldtrips. We also participate as volunteers in the community. Below are some of the programs with which we are involved. Please see copies of our newsletter, Turtle Tracks, which contains additional story information and pictures. PHOTO GALLERIES COMING SOON!
    Forest Watch, The University of New Hampshire http://www.forestwatch.sr.unh.edu
    Students collect information on the tree canopy and needle quality of Florida Pine. Samples are studied in science lab, as well as being sent to UNH for further analysis in support of national pollution monitoring programs. Students also use NASA LandSat images to analyze the spectral signatures of various tree foliage.
    ECOMB, Clean Beaches Campaign http://ecomb.org
    Students collected baseline data by marking off sections of the beach and counting the amount of surface litter. The second phase of our program is to conduct surveys of beachgoers to determine their litter habits and encourage responsible litter and recycling behavior.
Last Modified on March 19, 2009