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    Love Business? See yourself as a future in becoming a business executive? Thinking major in Business in college or university? If you answer yes, then come and join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)! 

    If you are interested in becoming an FBLA member, please see Ms. Gina Perez, the new FBLA President.  Congratulations to Ms. Gina Perez elected FBLA President, Mr. Daniel Simone elected FBLA First Vice President, and Ms. Emilia Matter-Terrada elected Treasurer!

    FBLA Sponsor: Ms. Christie Clark

      Important Announcements:

    Next meeting November 8, 2017.

    FBLA General Meeting Dates: Meetings will be in room 286 at 2:30 PM 

    • 9/22/2017
    • 10/11/2017
    • 11/8/2017
    • 12/13/207
    • 1/10/2018
    • 2/21/2018
    • 3/14/2018
    • 4/11/2018
    • 5/9/2018

    Florida FBLA Website: www.floridafbla-pbl.com


Last Modified on October 24, 2017