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    Mathematics for College Readiness

    Quarter 4

    COURSE# 120070001



    Be advised that this syllabus is subject to change, per instructor’s discretion.

    Educator:  Ms. Christie Clark

    Office:  Room 286                                       Email:  christieclark@dadeschools.net

    Online Office hours:  Monday - Friday 8 - 11 am


    Course Description

    The course is designed to prepare the student with the necessary algebra skills required for college.  In quarter four, the topics include those from sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.5, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 11.1, and 11.6 of your course textbook.

    Course Textbook


    Course Objectives

    By the end of the quarter, the student will:

    1. Use his/her problem solving strategies to describe the process and property used to evaluate an expression MAFS.912.A-SSE.1.1
    2. Use effective note-taking and his/her learning style profile to build one’s

        knowledge on the topics:

        radical equations


     Instructional Methodology

    Instructional methods used are lesson demonstrations, group activities, video lessons, guest speakers, and exploration activities.  The student will engage with interaction with the instructor, completion of word problems, computerized assignments, and teamwork.  Academic student performance will be assessed through home learning, graphic organizers, journal prompts, student-centered learning teams, notebook, mini-presentations, projects, and paper/pencil test.  Participation is expected.  Evaluation includes these methods of assessment.  Students are held accountable for being present in class; 4 or more unexcused absences in a grading period, will result in unsatisfactory progress.

    Make-Up Assignments and Attendance Policy

    According to Dade County’s Student Code of Conduct

    • “Students have the responsibility to take advantage of their educational opportunity by attending all classes daily and on time, unless circumstances beyond their control prevent them from doing so.
    • Students have the responsibility to provide the school an adequate explanation for an absence with appropriate documentation.
    • Students have the responsibility to request the make-up assignments from their teachers for excused absences upon their return to school and to complete this work WITHIN THREE DAYS.” Here is your make up assignment below:



    EXAM 1



    EXAM 2



    EXAM 3


    Unexcused absences/tardies or noncompliance with the classroom statutes will inadvertently affect your conduct grade. 

    Class begins at the time specified.  There are only about 22 class periods in the quarter.  It is the student’s responsibility to be a self-starter and begin the opening activity. 


    All assignments must be brought to class every session, chronologically filed in your binder.  All presentations, quizzes, or exams must be handed in on time.  No make-up  quizzes or exams will be administered.  The make-up assignment for excused absences is in the course syllabus.



    Classroom Statutes

    Students are expected to contribute to a learning-conducive environment and to follow the Dade County Code of Student Conduct.


    1. The student is expected to remain in class and obey instructions. Arrive to class on time and remain in your assigned seat, unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  You may be marked late, if you are not in your assigned seat before the tardy bell rings.  Complete your assignment.  If you leave class without permission/hall pass, that warrants a referral for cutting class.  Hall pass use is designed for emergency use only.  Take care of errands outside of class time.  The student is expected to be in class for its duration.
    2. The student is to be a self-starter. Complete and file all assignments in your BINDER, in chronological order.  Your binder is mandatory for all class sessions.  Do not leave papers in the classroom.  If you sit IDLE in class, this warrants a referral.  Use your class time wisely.  If you complete your assignment early, you are to practice your algebra flashcards.
    3. Your personal electronic devices may not be in plain sight in class and must remain in the off position, unless the teacher directs you to use it for educational purposes.
    4. Respect yourself and others around you by treating your peers and adults with dignity. No bullying. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.  Verbal threats or profanity is out of place.
    5. The classroom is your math library. Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged to speak in the classroom.  Keep idle conversations and food/gum out of your library. 
    6. Use your tablet to respond for delegated lessons.
    7. Stay involved in the classroom activity.

    Policy Regarding The Use of Personal Electronic Devices in the Classroom

    Unless given teacher’s directions for educational purposes, personal electronic devices, such as cellular phones and headphones are not to be used in the classroom.  Students who fail to turn off their electronic device(s) and keep out of plain sight, prior to entering the classroom will earn a conduct “F” for the quarter.  Students are expected to abide by Dade County’s Code of Student Conduct.

    Required Materials

    • One Inch Binder
    • Tablet
    • Mechanical Pencils
    • Graphing Spiral Book
    • 100 Index Cards


      Actions for Misbehavior

    1. Parent Contact
    2. Lowered Conduct Grade
    3. Administrative Referral

    Conduct Grade is determined by:

    • Engagement in the lesson activity
    • Fulfillment of student leadership roles & following classroom statutes
    • Preparedness for class [e.g. Materials & Home Learning]
    • Maintaining Exemplary Attendance and Punctuality
    • Treating Peers with dignity
    • At the end of class, ensuring that his/her workspace is in order

    MEETING WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR:  The student and parent may e-mail the instructor.


    Grading Policy

    In order to successfully pass this course, your grade is based on the following:

    Grade Sheet Quarter 4 Mathematics for College Readiness

    EVALUATION                                                          POINTS EARNED / OUT OF POINTS

    1. Syllabus Test                                                           ________      12 pts           
    2. Online Activities 1                                                    ________         4 pts
    3. Online Activities 2                                                   ________         4 pts
    4. Online Activities 3                                                   ________         4 pts
    5. Online Activities 4                                                   ________         4 pts
    6. Online Activities 5                                                   ________         4 pts
    7. Online Activities 6                                                   ________         4 pts
    8. Online Activities 7                                                   ________         4 pts
    9. Online Activities 8                                                   ________         4 pts
    10. Notebook Check 1                                                    ________       4 pts
    11. Notebook Check 2                                                    ________ 4 pts
    12. Notebook Check 3                                                    ________ 4 pts
    13. Notebook Check 4                                                    ________ 4 pts
    14. Notebook Check 5                                                    ________ 4 pts
    15. Notebook Check 6                                                    ________ 4 pts
    16. Notebook Check 7                                                    ________ 4 pts
    17. Notebook Check 8                                                    ________ 4 pts
    18. Oral Presentation 1                                            ________        16 pts
    19. Oral Presentation 2                                            ________        16 pts
    20. Home Learning Assignment 1                                 ________ 8 pts
    21. Home Learning Assignment 2                                 ________  8 pts
    22. Home Learning Assignment 3                                  ________ 8 pts
    23. Home Learning Assignment 4                                  ________ 8 pts
    24. Home Learning Assignment 5                                  ________ 8 pts
    25. Home Learning Assignment 6                                  ________ 8 pts
    26. Home Learning Assignment 7                                   ______   8 pts
    27. Home Learning Assignment 8                                  ________ 8 pts
    28. Home Learning Assignment 9                                  ________ 8 pts
    29. Home Learning Assignment 10                                ________ 8 pts
    30. Home Learning Assignment 11                               ________ 8 pts
    31. Home Learning Assignment 12                               ________ 8 pts
    32. Home Learning Assignment 13                             ________    8 pts
    33. Home Learning Assignment 14                             ________    8 pts
    34. Group Presentation 1                                           ________ 16 pts
    35. Group Presentation 2                                           ________ 16 pts
    36. Topic Outlines [Graphic Organizers]                      ________ 44 pts
    37. Student Portfolio                                             ________    32 pts
    38. Scavenger Hunt [Vocabulary]                          ________    44 pts
    39. Quiz 1                                                             ________ 12 pts
    40. Quiz 2                                                         ________      12 pts
    41. Quiz 3                                                      ________         12 pts
    42. Quiz 4                                                      ________         12 pts
    43. Quiz 5                                                      ________         12 pts
    44. Exam 1 2nd week of class                        ________         24 pts
    45. Exam 2 7th week of class                            ________ 24 pts


    Total Points Earned                                                 ________



    GRADES                                                                   GRADE SCALE


    Total Possible Points: 480 points                                

    A = 480 – 432 points                                                          A   100 – 90%

    A = 431 – 384 points                                                          B   89 – 80%

    A = 383 – 336 points                                                          C   79 – 70%

    A = 335 – 288points                                                          D   69 – 60%

    A = 287 – 0 points                                                              F   59 – 0%


    I have read and will adhere to the guidelines in this syllabus.

    Parent E-mail address ___________________________________________

    Parent Cell Phone Number  _______________________________________

    Parent Phone Number  __________________________________________

    Parent Signature      _____________________________________________

    Parent Printed Name  ___________________________________________

    Student Signature      ____________________________________________

    Together, we can unleash the power and create a culture of college readiness and college success.  Have a fantastic quarter.  Your outlook determines your outcome!  







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    Check the Home Learning and complete on time.