• Welcome Classes of 2021,2019, and 2018!!
    Miami Beach Senior High

                                                           English I Gifted/Honors

     CREATIVE WRITERS: Welcome to a new, spiritual, engaging, thought-provoking, confrontational year in the written word. We will cover many styles, genres, approaches, and variations of writing. Be prepared to be open-minded, vocal, intuitive, and most importantly artistic.  A plethora of resources will be here for you to reference throughout the school year. I'm ridiculously excited about this course and the abundance of ground we will cover - put on your seat belts it will be an awesome and fast paced ride!
    Freshmen: Welcome to the beginning of many of the greatest years of your lives! Please use this resource to get acclimated to the high school experience and this class in particular. You will find a multitude of resources here for you, including homework assignments, links to articles, extra credit opportunities, and more. Please use this site regularly and when required. Your required reading list is here as well as the syllabus for your class.  Let's work together to make this an exciting and adventurous school year!
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    English 1 - Period 1: fgdcm9
    English 1 - Period 2: q7zqat
    English 1 - Period 3: vc4z6v
    Planning - Period 4
    Creative Writing 3 - Period 5: qrtatx
    Creative Writing 4 - Period 5: 95cgeb
    English 1 - Period 6: ipqmmn
    English 1 - Period 7: j38y4v
    English 1 - Period 8: 7mmfem
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