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    Welcome back to a new and exciting year! 
    This year I am teaching World History and US History class.
    This year I'm also the Cheerleading  sponsor, check it out !
    *Click on the word "cheerleading"* 
    My schedule is as follows:
     1st period   Room 290   World History
     2nd period  Room 561   US History
     3rd period   Room 290   Planning 
     4th period   Room 290   World History
     5th period   Room 249   Government/Economics w/ Diego Garcia
     6th period   Room 290   World History w/ Mr.Farmer
     7th period   Room 290   World History
     8th period   Room 709   World History
    I can be reached at 305-532-4515 Ext. 2290.   My email is mguenin1@dadeschools.net.