•     Miami Beach Soccer
     Miami Beach  
    Below is the practice schedule during the break. Bring running shoes, cleats, change of clothe and a towel. 
    Wednesday 12/26/18  9 am at school 2 pm at small field
    Friday 12/28/18  9 am at school 2 pm at small field
    Wednesday 1/2/19  9 am at Memorial Field
    Thursday  1/3/19 9am at Memorial Field
    Friday 1/4/19  9 am at Memorial Field
    Saturday 1/5/19  9 am at Memorial Field
    Check out our website to view pictures, game schedules, and important news.  If you have any questions Mr.Botto is available during school and after school in room 517 or by email ebotto@dadeschools.net.
    In order for a student to participate in extracurricular athletics and activities, a student must meet the standards set forth by Section 1006.15, Florida Statutes, policies of the Greater Miami Athletic Conference (GMAC), and Miami-Dade County School Board rules. In addition, a student must comply with the school district’s Contract for Student Participation in Interscholastic Competitions or Performances, FM-7155. 
Last Modified on December 24, 2018