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    Distance Learning Update:

    All communication is being done through Edmodo. See codes below. Parents, please e-mail with any concerns.

    Assignments are being completed through the Online Textbook (link in portal homepage, red textbook), Khan Academy, and potentially Quizizz. Please message me on Edmodo if you need your Khan Academy class code.


    Edmodo codes for classes:

    Period 1: f88zje

    Period 2: dxjaxv

    Period 3: bm6ism

    Period 4: kwgxyt

    Period 6: 8b746f

    Period 7: zb6j97


    STUDENTS: You must complete this form ASAP:


    Period 1: Geometry
    Period 2: Geometry
    Period 3: Geometry
    Period 4: Intensive Math Geometry
    Period 5: Collegial Planning
    Period 6: Intensive Math Geometry
    Period 7: Honors Algebra 1
    Period 8: Individual Planning
    Come see me in: Room 281
    E-mail me at: hlevenson@dadeschools.net 
    *You MUST be signed up for Edmodo & Khan Academy* If you are not, go check the assignments from first quarter for the appropriate codes.